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Greetings fellow DECENT-ers!!!

This Wiki is all about transparency, sharing project documentation and to shed some light on a variety of hot topics.

  • What is DCT? Coin or token?
  • How do you use it? How do you buy it? How do you spend it?
  • What is the DECENT Network GUI client intended for?
  • Where are the binaries? How do you build them from the sources?
  • How do you start it?
  • How do you create an account?
  • How do you mine? What is a seeder?
  • Who is behind it?
  • How do you contribute?

I spent some time looking for answers and have come to understand most of the core concepts in and around the DECENT ecosystem. I have compiled all that and saved it here to serve as a knowledge base that will kick it all off. And, this is only the beginning. Just as DECENT relies on the community, so too does this wiki. Feel free to join and contribute to extend the wiki as new information comes to light.

-Marian, DECENT advisor

The new way of publishing

Our intention is to revolutionize digital distribution across the Internet.

DECENT Network is a content distribution platform that is decentralized, open-source and uses Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology guarantees trust and security by embedding encryption at the lowest level. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this implementation of blockchain technology is invariant storage for published content which can eliminate manipulation and influence by any sort of middleman (eg. publisher). In short content can now be created and delivered directly with any fees collected solely by the seller at the point of sale. In addition to the technological side, there are the economical and social protocols that will govern real-world interactions across the network. In order to make transactions viable and user friendly a crypto-token, the DCT, has been implemented. The encrypted DCT tokens help mitigate attacks, promote funding and ensure transaction validation. One last thing of note, unlike other content distribution platforms underdevelopment, there are virtually no limitations as to the type of media that can be published on DECENT Network. It could be songs, books, articles, videos, source code, or anything really and in almost any format.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions section that will provide first-hand answers to the most common queries. This Wiki will also offer behind the scene insights as well as tutorials, essential guides and technical details. If you want to learn about DECENT, this is the place to do it.

Let's continue…

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


The DECENT Revolution

DECENT in Depth

  • General Information
  • Publishing
  • Consuming (Buying)
  • Seeding
  • Mining
  • Intermediate Concluding Remarks

Technical Features

The Blockchain Era

Historical Approach

DECENT: Characteristics and Advantages

DECENT: Technical Description

  • Technical Pointers
  • Consensus Algorithm (DPoS)

Transaction confirmation

Producing blocks


How to

Create Account

  • Via DECENT GO Service
  • Via CLI

Start Mining/Validating

Become Seeder

  • Initiation
  • Option 1: Start Seeding Plugin
  • Option 2: Start Seeding Plugin via cli_wallet
  • Finalization

Build DECENT from the Source

  • Installing prerequisities


  • Starting DECENT
  • Witness Node
  • Seeder Plugin

Deploy via Automatic Tools


  • Using the API
  • Accessing Restricted APIs

(MINING) Witnessing blocks for DECENT Network


Preliminary Analysis of DPoS Algorithm



Blockchain Explorer

Source Code


Access Node List

Mining Nodes List

Seeder Nodes List